Step 1 – Choose a venue for your screening

If you don’t have your own center or venue, you could contact your local community centre, yoga center, school, screen the film in your home etc.

Questions to consider:

  • Does the venue have equipment to screen the film? DVD player or computer, projector, sound system, Large screen TV etc.
  • In the summer months, are you able to block out daylight in order to ensure an effective screening?


Step 2 – Timing

Once you have found a venue, decide on a date and time for your screening.

We recommend dedicating at least 2 hours to host a screening event.

Road to Peace is 65 minutes long. The film leaves many people inspired, we suggest a around 30 minutes after the film for a Q&A or group discussion.

Consider putting on a very special screening event by including live music, chanting, meditation etc.


Step 3 – Let people know about your Road to Peace screening event.

Advertise your screening event well in advance.

We recommend a minimum of 6 weeks lead-time to ensure your event is properly advertised.

You can send attract people by sending newsletters, email invitations, telling your friends on social media, posting flyers in local centers and cafes etc.


Which groups can you invite from your network?

Why not invite people from your local Buddhist or Tibetan communities, spiritual groups etc.

Invite your Local MP to help raise awareness about the Tibetan Issue and let us know if they are coming. 

Although the film is not a political documentary, a screening of Road to Peace is an excellent way to highlight the humanitarian situation inside Tibet.


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