Saturday 27th June, Glastonbury: End of Peace Walk Event.

Join us for the final steps of the walk in #Glastonbury on Saturday afternoon:  


In celebration of the Dalai Lama’s 80th Birthday and visit to Glastonbury!

FREE PUBLIC EVENT: Saturday 27th June

4pm Meet outside Chalice Well Gardens for Public Peace Walk to the Tor
5pm World Peace Ceremony on the Tor 

Inaugurating the end of the Road to Peace Pilgrimage –an epic 2 week, 200 mile walk from London undertaken without spending money, the finale World Peace Ceremony sends the Dalai Lama’s message of peace out into the world


Leon Stuparich and Rowan Matheson, co-producers of Dalai Lama film ROAD TO PEACE, bestselling author Tim Freke, priestess Dawn Kinsella, Denise Michell Mayor of Glastonbury, Archdruid of Avalon Dreow Bennett, Interfaith Minister Nixie James-Smith, Pamela Jane-Gerrand a singer from Canada and Morgana West, Manager of Glastonbury Pilgrim Reception Centre
NB: Preceding ceremonial events, including welcoming wash of pilgrim’s feet, Call of Peace by the mayor and lighting of peace flames orchestrated by Glastonbury Pilgrim Reception Centre commence at 2.30pm at the monument at the bottom of Glastonbury High Street (by Heaphys Cafe)


4.00 Meet outside Chalice Well and gather for Public Peace March to Tor

4.15 Public Peace March to Glastonbury Tor

5.00 Peace Ceremony begins on the Tor orchestrated by Dawn Kinsella 

Ceremony highlights also include:

Talks and contributions from Leon Stuparich, Tim Freke and interfaith minister Nixie James-Scott
Singing from Bethan Lloyd and Pamela Jane-Gerrand

Facebook event:

Final thoughts from Leon Stuparich on reaching the end of the pilgrimage 
The amazing thing about pilgrimage is that in many ways – with trust – with faith, it’s easy

It doesn’t mean you don’t meet extraordinary challenges and difficulties along the way
But it is so amazing, because you realise how much the human body and human spirit is capable of. 
Especially if you allow yourself to be supported by people you meet along the way
Would it be so enjoyable in places of conflict or hardship? Almost definitely not. 
But to say that, is to underestimate the power of the human spirit. The determination. The fortitude. 
But also this is certainly a measure of peace in the country in which we live in. The community, the generosity, the passion for peace. 
Our journey of peace has revealed that most people we have met are interested in the subject of peace. To the point where we were hosted with so much kindness. 
It’s been humbling and enlightening. Scary and tiring. 
People have said pilgrimage has changed their perspective on life. I will only know if this is true once I return home. 
But today I look forward to our last day of walking. A ceremony of peace. And the completion of journey I will never forget. 

Leon Stuparich


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