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There has never been a more important time to share the message of peace.


Share the Gift of Peace by and inspire a new generation of peace makers.


Road to Peace is inspiring audiences all over the world!


We will help you to organize and publicise your screening by sending you a Road to Peace Screening Pack, complete with:

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We will assist with promotion for your group’s screening event on the Road to Peace website and on our social media channels.


Leon Stuparich, Director and Producer of Road to Peace, may be available to attend your Q&A on request, sharing his experience of making the film and answering any audience questions first-hand.


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Hosting a screening of Road to Peace will give your audience a direct experience of peace, whilst sharing a rare behind the scenes view into everyday life with the Dalai Lama.

Audience reactions to Road to Peace

Road to Peace is a remarkable film.  This in part has to be true because it is about the Dalai Lama.  But essentially its special quality is because through the lens of Leon’s camera, the unique personality of the man telling us he doesn’t do miracles, does indeed perform a miracle as he moves people along the Road to compassion and World Peace.

When the film ended, we in the audience went on asking questions, making comments, and relating allied experiences.
There was an opening up to each other from different faith positions, in a community concern to be active in peace-making.
Get to see this film. Tell your friends and your enemies to see it!”
Gerry Gardiner, Letchworth, May 22nd

Sometimes gifts come from unexpected places! When organizing the screening of “ROAD TO PEACE” at The Bamboo Buddha Cafe, Sydney, I had just two things in mind; to celebrate His Holiness’s 77th Birthday and to honour a pledge to raise funds for The Tengyur Translation Project.

What I actually gained was far more enriching than I could have imagined.
The expression of appreciation from the audience afterwards, was both overwhelming & completely disarming. There was such a beautiful energy in the room of warm heartedness and harmony catalysed by His Holiness and the ingenuity of the film makers art.
This is the gift of “Road To Peace”, that it actually engenders the feeling of peace within those who behold it.
Thank you Leon for your altruism and for allowing us to share in this profound experience.”
– With kind regards, Rhonda Schiffler

The film Road to Peace which follows the UK visit of the Dalai Lama is full of insights into a man with exceptional wisdom.

It was fascinating to watch him travelling between British cities and drawing large crowds in order to impart his highly spiritual and pragmatic principles in a meaningful and humorous way.
Sometimes just by using a few carefully chosen words the Dalai Lama is able to express his simple but profound message for humanity at this time in human spiritual evolution.
The film was truly an inspiration, and an enlightening experience into the life and philosophy of Tibet’s well respected spiritual leader.”
– HA