The gift of inner-peace

Which came first, religion or God? 

 Religion is just one way of understanding what we are, where we came from and why we exist at all. Science asks the same question, and so does every inquisitive child. 

So to place one religion as superior to another or science above religion is just ridiculous. Heaven forbid you place one God as greater than another God. 

We are all trying to make sense of the world in our own particular philosophy. Even within each religion, every individual has their own interpretation. Whether they ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ have that interpretation is another example of how certain people try and control other people. 

And as some people try to control other people, this erodes freedom for those being controlled and ironically it also restricts the freedom of the oppressor. Mainly because they are so concerned about the behaviour of other people, that they stop trying to find themselves. The focus is distracted from their own self, their own journey – especially if they believe their journey is played out through other people.

This is the opposite of love. And whatever your own belief system dictates, true unconditional love, transcends all words, all doctrines. The smile of a child has no language. Happiness lives within each of us, and the experience of peace doesn’t need any external validation. 

Enjoy the experience of your own life, learn from everything, and don’t worry what other people say or do. Live for the happiness and well-being of others, and you will experience love and happiness in your own life. 

That’s the gift of inner-peace. 

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