Rainbow over Prince’s home. This is awesome…

After the news of the legendary singer Prince’s passing, a beautiful rainbow appeared over his Paisley Park home.


Photo by Matt Wellumson @mxmatt

According to Tibetan Buddhism, the Rainbow has great meaning:

“The rainbow is eternity’s expression of delight. It cannot but be auspicious, even if it portends the demise of a great master. For such a master – now merged into ‘clear light’ (prabhasvara) of the death process where the most subtle level of mind is experienced as pristine inner radiance – there is no sense of ‘leaving behind’, the notion of self and others having been transcended. For the ‘others’, the disciples or students, there is inevitably a great sense of loss and grief. Yet the miracle of the master’s departing rainbow will always remain as a great source of strength and inspiration for the devotees.”



Courtesy of Twitter/AP Images

Rainbow Over the Potala Palace, Lhasa, Tibet.


Galen Rowell’s famous picture of the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet

Tibetan Buddhism has ongoing reports of the “Rainbow Body” to this very day – in which people transform their physical bodies into a new, rainbow-colored energetic form after many years of practice. In many cases, they would complete this process of transformation by meditating in a cave. When they come out, and are ready to graduate to this next level of there own evolution, they will often push their hand or foot directly into the stone. They can now easily flip the stone molecules into time-space, and leave an impression behind – and some of these handprints and footprints have been photographed and published online. There are fully 160,000 documented cases of the Rainbow Body in Tibet and India alone.


Padmasambhava Rainbow Body

Whether you believe the rainbow over Prince’s home to be auspicious or not, seeing a rainbow always brings warm feelings! After the Dalai Lama’s visit to London in 2015 there was a Meditation Flash Mob in London’s Trafalgar Square. At the end of the mediation, the skies cleared and a rainbow appeared…

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